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Summer Style

Dress: JCrew, Necklace: Pyrrha, Sandals: Aldo (on sale now!), Purse: Plum, Bracelets: from Rubaiyat and my travels

After my first rainy winter in Vancouver, I was beginning to wonder if good weather here was a myth created by cranky sun-deprived Vancouverites to mess with other Canadians. The past week has proved that theory wrong and the sun has been out in full force!

I am all over the maxi dress for summer. Grab a great pair of sandals and a few accessories (statement necklace or a stack of bangles) and voila, you are instantly pulled together—it makes getting ready in 10 minutes an actual possibility. My recommendation when looking for a maxi dress? Choose one with a defined waistband otherwise you run the risk of people asking when you are due.

The first time I wore this dress T asked if I was going to a ball. First of all, do people still go to balls? And if so, why haven’t I been taken to one? Clearly I have the proper attire I just need to drum up some glass slippers.

Maximize the Sunshine



Dress: Anthropologie, Bag: Thrifted from Divine, Sunglasses: Joe Fresh

It’s been a grey, rainy day here in Vancouver and as I was going through photos I want to post I came across these which probably should have gone up ages ago. I am madly in love with this dress. I never thought I’d come around to the maxi but it is my new fave. Sadly, I won’t be wearing it till it’s warmer… or we move to Mexico. Either option is fine.

*The adorable and dapper canine is my little brother’s Daschund that goes by Chewi.