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My 5 Favourite Things About Vancouver (So Far…)

Coming from the prairies, the one thing I was worried about (and warned about) was Vancouver’s grey weather. I was doing pretty well with Raincouver’s constant overcast weather up until about two weeks ago. It’s been rainy, grey and downright blech for the last few weeks.

I could whine about it some more and prove to sun-lucky Calgarians that yes, there really are some benefits about dealing with freezing temperatures namely (or maybe only) the usually beautiful, sunny summers. However, to pull myself out of my “am-I-ever-going-to-see-the-sun-again” cave I decided to remind myself about some of the things I really love about Vancouver:

1) The Seawall
As a runner, having access to such an amazing path system is heaven. An ocean view set against a backdrop of mountains isn’t too shabby either. Bonus points for Van: you can run outside all year-long!

2) Le Marche
Having a latte here is akin to sitting at a cafe in some small French town. With neighbours popping in for a few groceries,  the best croissants in town and a gorgeous selection of home accoutrements, Le Marche is my escape when I need a little break from the daily grind. I’d also like to make their beautiful rental my permanent home but until then a latte every now and then will have to do.

3) Barefoot Contessa
I love stepping into this whimsical shop on Main Street. Beautifully put together displays, an amazing array of adorable dresses and stylishly quirky staff make it all too easy to find something (or a bunch of things) you “must have”.  As a digital geek, I totally applaud the way this shop uses social media to create buzz. Genius.

4) The Park Theatre
This is in my favourites for three reasons: one, I can walk here in about five minutes, two, the Park plays both blockbuster and indie films and three, with 500 seats in theatre you are almost always guaranteed a good seat.

5) The Beaches
Sure, there are no palm trees swaying in the breeze or drinks in coconuts being served but c’mon, it’s Canada, what were you expecting? There is however, sand and water and quite a few beaches to choose from, all of which are the right choice when the sun is out. Anytime, Vancouver, anytime.

Hey Vancouverites, what’s your fave thing about your city?