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Coachella 2012: Beauty Bag Prep

Since I’m attempting to pack light, I figure I need to downsize my make-up bag to the essentials.

Here are my beauty must-haves (pared down of course) for Coachella:

1) Sunscreen
After spending my first very rainy winter in Vancouver I am probably the pastiest I’ve ever been (I know, so hot) which means good sunscreen is a must. A long-time fan of GM Collin products I’ll be applying and reapplying their Créme Solaire Mineral Sun Cream SPF 25 to my face and slathering the rest of me in Ombrelle.

2) Waterproof Mascara
Racoon eyes. ‘Nuff said. I’ll be taking along Maybelline’s XXL Extensions waterproof mascara.

3) Lip Balm
On a recent trip to Sephora I was introduced to fresh Sugar lip balm. It’s light, smooth and doesn’t get all gooey when you reapply. Bonus points for SPF 15.

4) Neutral Palette
Oh Bobbi, you always know what a girl needs. This shimmer brick comes with five neutral shades from a rosy pink to a dusky taupe and does triple-duty as a blush, eyeshadow palette and highlighter. It’s like a make-up Swiss Army knife.

5) After Care
I’m looking forwards to loads of sun and dry desert air but I suspect my skin isn’t which is why I’ll be sure to give my skin a little TLC every evening with my don’t-leave-home-without-it eye cream by GM Collins.

Travel Tip: Make flying easy on yourself by packing all your makeup in a clear bag instead of having to deal with taking everything out and transferring it to an airport Ziploc. I love the Joe Fresh clear makeup pouch (pictured). Pretty sure you can pick one of these up at your neighbourhood Superstore.

Nailed it

Is it just me or is nail polish and nail art making some sort of resurgence? I feel like everywhere I turn there are crackle polishes, matte colours, press-on patterns or some other new-fangled way to dress up your digits. You can even get polish shades based on the Hunger Games!

Since it has been very grey in Vancouver lately (big surprise there) I am finding myself craving colour. Since it’s not quite shorts and sandals season,  I’m opting for some fun nail looks to brighten up my days:

Bright On
Though I know this spring pastels are back you’ll never catch me in them —painting my nails to look like Easter eggs isn’t really my thing.  Right now there are some really fun shades to choose from. Canary from Joe Fresh is a nice yellow if your up for sunny nails, Frutti Petutie (my fave) by Sally Hansen walks the line between vibrant and neon while O.P.I’s Paisley Attention to Me is luring me into tangerine territory.

Perfectly Painted
Skip the process of painting all together with these awesome nail patches. You literally stick them on your nails and file them down (or fold them under) and voila! Your nails are ready (and dry) in a jiffy.

If you have some time to kill and are patient (very patient), the always stylish Keiko Lynn has quite created a cool moon manicure tutorial. I haven’t had time to try it but the results are quite pretty and unexpected.

What nail colours are you sporting this year?

 Photo credit: Sergio Kurhajec for  Lucky Mag