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Lazy Weekend Wear

So, if you happen to follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already met this little character. She’s a terrier mix, who’s super cute, way too smart and goes by the name Lulo (which means “little orange”—a fave fruit discovered while we were in Colombia).

Pants: JCrew, Shirt: Anthropologie, Jacket: Gap circa 2000, Hoodie: Joe Fresh, Flats: JCrew, Necklace: Paper plane by Broken English from Walrus,  Clutch: Plum, Nails: Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos

I wish I’d bought these pants in every colour. I bought them on sale at JCrew last summer and they are the perfect pant for oh say, walking the dog on a lazy Saturday.

Blue Times Two

Jeans: Gap, Shirt: Anthropologie, Denim Shirt: Aritzia, Clutch: Plum, Shoes: J.Crew, Necklaces: Pyrrha and Jeanine Payer from Rubaiyat, Earrings: Type B Sunglasses: Joe, Summer 2010

Recognize the shirt? I know, I know it has stripes…I can’t help it. I don’t normally mix denim with denim, it reminds me too much of the early 2000s when the all-denim look was all the rage (thanks Britney and Justin) however when I threw on this denim shirt it seemed to pull together a look perfect for a casual Saturday.

Note the bright pink lipstick.  I might look like I am owning it but this is way outside the comfort zone.  Considering my next purchase is going to be  poppy red pants I’d better get comfy with bright colours real fast.

Currently Coveting: Stripes & Brights

I hate January fashion because:

  1. It’s like all the brands are trying to clear out whatever they have left in the warehouse
  2. All the colours are blah
  3. Spring, and getting to wear spring clothes, seems too far away

I’m hoping that Vancouver lives up to its reputation and that spring starts in March unlike Calgary which skips spring and moves straight to summer (in July).

One trend that I am super excited about for Spring 2012 is the return of really bright colours. Punches of neon are being seen everywhere from lip gloss to t-shirts. This makes me ridiculously happy—we all tend to dress in really “safe” colours. I’m hoping to bust out some brights this year.

Here are a few “brights” that I’d like to add to my closet this season:

1) Red ballet flat from J.Crew

I have these in black (I know, boring) but I love how simple they are.  J.Crew has recently released this classic in an array of colours, all of which could easily add that pop of colour to any neutral outfit.

2) Curved Stripes Dolman from Anthropologie

I love stripes. And this shirt just solidifies that love. I can already see this slouchy top with cropped black skinny’s, the red flats above, a messy bun and red lipstick (which, incidentally, I am looking for as well, any suggestions?).

3) No 2. Pencil Skirt in Spicy Gold from J.Crew

Pretty sure I mentioned this skirt last time though it was in a different colour. Clearly I need to just order this skirt. Since the skirt is so vibrant I’d opt to pair it with a neutral (navy or white) but would probably get a little crazy with the shoes (you know the ones). If you are going to go bright you might as well commit.

4) Skinny Jeans in Scarlet from Paige Denim

Apparently red is a big colour for me this season. I think of all the coloured denim out there red is the colour to choose. It pairs nicely with many other colours and I suspect it will be the one colour that can be worn again next season (pretty sure the Kelly green jeans, won’t be back next season…if you bought a pair I hope you opted for a pair from H&M or another fast-fashion brand). Totally unrelated but why do jean models always wear the worst shoes.

What pieces are you coveting for Spring 2012?

Maximize the Sunshine



Dress: Anthropologie, Bag: Thrifted from Divine, Sunglasses: Joe Fresh

It’s been a grey, rainy day here in Vancouver and as I was going through photos I want to post I came across these which probably should have gone up ages ago. I am madly in love with this dress. I never thought I’d come around to the maxi but it is my new fave. Sadly, I won’t be wearing it till it’s warmer… or we move to Mexico. Either option is fine.

*The adorable and dapper canine is my little brother’s Daschund that goes by Chewi.