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Mini Adventure: Slowing Down on Salt Spring Island

Since moving to Vancouver in 2011 after two and a half years of gallivanting around Latin America, you could say T and I have been full steam ahead trying to get our careers back in order and settling into a normal cadence (for the time being). It has taken until about now to feel relatively stable and we haven’t really taken a vacation just the two of us for a long time.

With BC finally getting on the Family Day bandwagon we snuck a 4-day getaway to Salt Spring Island to escape and unwind. Here’s a couple highlights from our mini adventure:

cozy Casita

First up was checking into the cutest casita this side of Mexico. Carl and Tracy of Frida’s Villa & Cottage welcomed us to their adorable studio with fresh lime margaritas. Pet-friendly with a wood-burning stove, full kitchen stocked with amazing breakfast foods (including fresh eggs from their neighbour, Art) and an ocean view, this little cabin was the perfect find. (Note: you need to ask about the casita as it isn’t listed on the site)

Coffee Talk

Morningside Bakery & Cafe in Fulford was our first stop. Owned by Manon and Alan you can expect great coffee, a selection of delish and health-conscious food as well as stimulating conversation. We went in for a latte and stayed for an hour discussing South America, the state of society and whether we’ll all have drones following us at some point in the near future. I love me some strong coffee and conversation and this little cafe serves it right up.

Hiking Ruckle Park


We made the most of a rain-free day and headed to Ruckle Park for a leisurely stroll. As per usual this stroll morphed into a solid 10 km hike around the coast of the southern tip of the island.  Don’t miss King’s Cove.

Dinner Time

After our solid hike we decided to forgo cooking and try Bruce’s Kitchen, a local fave. What it lacks in ambiance this restaurant makes up for with flavourful and creative dishes made from locally-sourced products. The famous chicken pot pie made this hiker pretty happy.

A couple of other highlights include:

Basically, this is what you’ll feel like on Salt Spring Island, can you tell we’ll be back?

Fashions Fade, Style is Eternal

“Young women you’re going to be old women some day…”

I figure the fashion faux pas you’ll end up regretting the most occur between the ages of 14 to 25. Don’t get me wrong, that is what being young is all about. Your teens and twenties are for sampling, experimenting and getting away with wearing just about anything (However it doesn’t mean you won’t look back and cringe at your chunky-heeled wedge sandals circa ’99—you know you did).

I’d like to think that all this experimentation (and cringing) leads to developing your own individual style, hopefully one that goes past just what the current trends and magazines are touting and one where you feel like you are expressing exactly who you are.

About a year ago I came across this really awesome blog, Advanced Style —probably one of the only street style blogs that caters to the plus 60 set. It’s awesome and encouraging that just as fashion today is geared to the young, true style is something you develop over your entire lifetime. These ladies are a testament to that:

I sincerely hope I rock it this hard when I am 90.

Photo: The always irreverent Iris Apfel by Bruce Weber

A long time in coming

So, here it is.

Or, here it will be. This blog has taken me ages to get up and running for numerous reasons but since my motto going forward (or maybe for some time now) is to be “more adventurous” sitting around being lazy isn’t quite going to cut it.

On that note, I give you More Adventurous: a blog about style, travel, fashion, design and everything in between.