Skirt: Greylin from Marshalls, Sandals: Aldo, Linen Tee: Zara, Jean Jacket: Gap circa 2000, Leather Bag: Las Pepas in Argentina, Cuff: bought in a silver market in India

When it comes to wearing maxi skirts there’s a fine line between chic and hippie. The key is to keep it simple.

I paired my maxi skirt (a sweet find from my trip to Palm Springs) with a basic t-shirt, my standby jean jacket (it’s 10-years old!) and simple sandals. Since the print is so strong a simple silver cuff keeps the bohemian vibe without wandering into carnival fortune-teller territory.

My prediction? This maxi skirt is going to be a summer fave.

6 Responses to Maximize

  1. Thanks Kels! I was wonder YESTERDAY, how to pull off maxi skirts without tucking in the top :-)

    Looking good my friend! Drinks soon?

  2. I think I need to try some more maxi skirts and dresses on. Every time I put one on I feel like I’m swimming in them. I should be tall enough to be able to pull them off (not that I’m super tall, but I’m not 5ft 2) but they just feel so…well..maxi?

    • You totally do, they are so easy. You definitely don’t need to be tall but you do need to make sure the dress fits well and suits your shape. It does take a bit to get used to them but I think the right dress can be super flattering. You’ll have to try on a lot to find the winner. Happy shopping!

  3. Love that skirt! Super cute! Just bought a plain black one while down in the states – the thing I love about maxi skirts and dresses is how comfy you feel yet you look somewhat dressed up.

    I agree about your 80s comment though! I’ve been watching the original 90210 on Netflix and I keep seeing outfits similar to mine. ;)

    • Oh Brenda Walsh, who knew that look would work it’s way back in. Let me know how you style your black maxi skirt, I actually have a black maxi dress but it’s a bit hard to wear without looking like Morticia Addams.

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