Blue Times Two

Jeans: Gap, Shirt: Anthropologie, Denim Shirt: Aritzia, Clutch: Plum, Shoes: J.Crew, Necklaces: Pyrrha and Jeanine Payer from Rubaiyat, Earrings: Type B Sunglasses: Joe, Summer 2010

Recognize the shirt? I know, I know it has stripes…I can’t help it. I don’t normally mix denim with denim, it reminds me too much of the early 2000s when the all-denim look was all the rage (thanks Britney and Justin) however when I threw on this denim shirt it seemed to pull together a look perfect for a casual Saturday.

Note the bright pink lipstick.  I might look like I am owning it but this is way outside the comfort zone.  Considering my next purchase is going to be  poppy red pants I’d better get comfy with bright colours real fast.

4 Responses to Blue Times Two

  1. You are so cute! Every time I grab my denim shirt I cringe as I bypass the jeans area of my closet. I’m too afraid of looking like i’m wearing a jean suit! Now you’ve inspired me – maybe I can pull it off!

    • Nothing worse than a jean suit! I think what worked here is the fact that the shirt is almost chambray so it doesn’t look super denim-y. Try it and let me know how it goes!

  2. Are you dissing the Canadian Tuxedo?!? We need to wear those ‘jean suits’ with pride. ;)

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