Odds & Ends: Yogis are crazy, design your own shoes & Coachella recovery plan

Another edition of random things from around the web.

1) I prefer clean and simple shoes, put a buckle, tassel or chain on it and I’m shuddering in disgust. That’s where Shoes of Prey comes in, they let you just make what you want. Finally.

2)  This video is absolutely amazing. How strong is that?

3) I am not much of a beauty product gal but I’m always on the look out for that perfect lengthening mascara. It shouldn’t be a surprise that beauty guru Bobbi Brown has got this in the bag with her  Lash Glamour Extreme Lengthening mascara.

4) I think we might spend some time recovering post-Coachella at the retro-inspired Ace Hotel. Pool, drinks and spa…that’s all I’m going to need.

5) Right now I’m on a press trip in Victoria for Dine Out, a showcase of the top restaurants and wineries around (I know, hard job, right?), if you’re interested you can follow my foodie adventures on Twitter @kels_m

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