Tie one on

I adore scarves. I think they are the easiest thing to add to an outfit to make it feel polished. The one thing that can be a struggle is getting those beautiful scarves tied properly. Whether it’s triangular, rectangular, square or the very popular infinity scarf this video is going to make your scarf-tying a whole lot easier.

As impressed as I am with there even being 25 ways to tie a scarf, the tech geek in me is even more impressed by the amount of effort Wendy put into making this video.

If you aren’t going to watch the whole thing then skip to the end (4:35). Here you can click each square for an individual tutorial on that particular way to tie a scarf. It’s fairly ingenious and I know, from working in online media, this type of project is never as simple as it looks — one four-minute video might take days of work. This kind of dedication to producing such an excellent quality video (even if it is about scarves) is mind-boggling.

It’s not for everyone but if you are interested in digital media and video production you should see how the video came together.

4 Responses to Tie one on

  1. Now if only the skin on my neck didn’t decide it was the face of a teenager whenever I wear scarves! GRRRR.

    • Really? That is not good. I pretty much use scarves as a distraction technique—when I am looking rather disheveled I blind people with my scarf!

  2. Wow, loved this video! The music was captivating and the way she slowed the shots down…super impressive…not to mention all of the ways she styled the scarves…definitely gave me some new ways to try.
    xo Cara

    • Glad you liked it. I am seriously blown away by the amount of work it took not to mention the gazillion ways there are to tie a scarf!

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