Perfect Plaid

Boots: Frye, Jeans: Gap,  Cardigan: Gap (Fall 2011), Shirt: Gap, Bracelets: India, Thailand, and Haida (gifted)

Whoa. I just realized I dressed pretty much head to toe in Gap.  With the exception of my early Christmas gift from the mister—a new pair of Frye boots!

Not sure if living on the west coast is affecting my style but I felt the need to add some plaid to the mix. This shirt is proving to be a staple and I managed to re-mix it with a skirt, belt and flats for a party. Who knew plaid could be so versatile?

Yep, that’s a smattering of Vancouver snow in the background.  The West Coast crowd calls it cold, we Albertans would consider it a heat wave.


6 Responses to Perfect Plaid

  1. I love plaid…maybe because I was “coming of age” during the grunge era?
    Regardless- love the shirt and the boots. Oh the boots :)

  2. Can’t go wrong with Frye’s…what a great gift to get!
    Love your stacked bracelets, so cool they are from so many different places
    xo Cara

  3. I love this outfit! If I were to design a good outfit for work in my head, this would be it. You look great. :)

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