A Bit of Flare

Jeans: Similar from Gap, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Aritzia, Blouse: Gap, Cardigan: Gap, Necklace: One-of-a-kind Chinese Turquoise from Rubaiyat

I feel like these pictures do not show how humongous these flares actually are. Basically I can hide my entire foot in them but since I like people to know I do, in fact, have feet, I paired them with my brightest, most “look at my feet” shoes I own. If you don’t have a pair of these shoes  you should. They come in a couple colours, are relatively comfortable and happen to be on sale now!  I’m spreading the Christmas cheer early this year.

9 Responses to A Bit of Flare

  1. I’ve got some huge flares from the Gap too. They are my favourite right now paired with a braided leather belt. Love!

    • I am still figuring out how to wear them, I think I’ve been wearing skinny jeans for too long ;) Style yours up and send me a pic!

  2. Oh I am loving Mustard on you. just about to check the shoes out!

  3. Looking fabulous, as always!

    Love this look on you…owww owwww

  4. As someone with big feet, I love the flares are making a comeback. I got a pair at American Eagle at the end of the summer and love them.

  5. I love flared jeans…They are such a nice break from the skinny’s we see everywhere…and I think the bright shoes were the perfect choice! Can’t take my eyes off of that beautiful necklace, too
    xo Cara

    • I am enjoying flares too, this is the second time I have seen this trend (eek!) and it is taking a bit of getting used to them again. The necklace was a gift from the hubby (he’s a good one!).

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