A Little Birdie

Dress: Peppermint from Barefoot Contessa, Boots: Argentina, Leggings: Plush, Necklace: Jeanine Payer from Rubaiyat

I love this dress, even though it is borderline too short (clearly not too short since I bought it anyway). I have to wear it with boots and tights otherwise it is way too much leg. The dress is from Barefoot Contessa, my favourite store in all of Vancouver. It’s this cute little shop that reminds me of a confectionery shop except instead of sugary sweets it’s full to the brim with vintage-inspired dresses, cute cardis and all sorts of dainty accessories (I’m currently eying up a bow-tie made of tulle!). To make it even better, everything is priced well (so basically you can justify buying two dresses versus one). There are two locations, one on Main Street and one on Commercial. I’m a fan of the Main Street location but that’s probably because I can walk to it… in my cute dress.

3 Responses to A Little Birdie

  1. Such a sweet silhouette on that frock! Loving the shoulder details. I can picture it with bare legs and some chunky thigh-high socks – though you might want to throw on some AA shorts underneath in case the wind starts up. ;)

    • Hmm I love that idea but I am not sure I can pull the thigh-high socks…I definitely would need some “wind protection” ;)

  2. I love the birds! You’d never know the detail was so cute from afar.

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