A Canadian Fashion Icon at The Room

I met Jeanne Beker. Seriously.

I used to make my sister sit through Fashion Television when we were kids. She hated it. I adored it. I’m was older so I won the war of what-do-we-watch-on-tv. (Nowadays, I’m not sure I would win, but then again my sis watches Jersey Shore so I should win since that show is total mind rot).

Anyway Jeanne was gracious, elegant and nice enough to chit chat for a couple minutes at the grand opening of The Room at The Bay in downtown Vancouver.  On that note I snapped a couple pics of the goodies in store.

Dresses by Erdem

Sparkles at the front

For the shoe lovers

Spot on displays and hand-picked collections make it seem like The Room is going to give Holt Renfrew a run for its money. Who ever thought the little ol’Bay would be carrying top designers like Erdem, Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung.

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