Covet List: Fall Must-Haves From J.Crew

Those who know me well know that I have had a deep love affair with J.Crew for a very long time. It’s like each catalogue of effortlessly chic cashmere hoodies, to-die-for heels and well-styled outfits is made specifically to make me part with my paycheque. Crafty, J.Crew, so very crafty.

Here’s the covet list thus far:

1) The Cowlneck Poncho
Summer has officially ended in Vancouver and I have to admit I am dreading the rainy overcast winter that Vancouverites keep warning me about. So, to keep my spirits up along with my body temperature I feel like this piece could be a staple










2) The Summerby Sweater
Simple layering piece that would work well with jeans and the following must-have item…










3) The No. 2 Pencil Skirt
In Vibrant Flame. Perfection.










4) The Cafe Capri in wool
On the plus side of Vancoover’s rainy winters is the fact that is it not -40C like Calgary meaning a cute, cropped pant could actually be worn…outside…in October.  The bright dahlia would certainly mess up the general Vancouver colour palette of grey and black.










5) The Booker Boot
These are neck and neck with Frye’s Melissa Boot. I feel like the Booker are more my style, a bit more classic but the Frye’s are such amazing quality. Dilemma.










Photo credits: J.Crew

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